What is Primal?

Primal Health Coaching is the singular coaching certification founded in scientifically validated ancestral health principles. The context for this model, the acclaimed Primal Blueprint, supports maximum vitality and well-being through the timeless integration of strategies across a broad spectrum of lifestyle dimensions, including nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress management, sun, play and enrichment. The goal is straightforward even while the biological mechanisms are complex: normalize hormonal responses by adapting evolutionary patterns for modern day lifestyles and effecting desirable change in gene expression patterns toward optimum functioning. The result is a reasonable plan that leaves plenty of room for individual design and preference.

About Kevin

My personal health journey began at the age of thirteen; it wasn’t until college that I saw progress. While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science at Texas State University, I experimented with various training methods to find the best results possible. For 2 years, I found myself following the chronic pattern of 30-minute cardio training followed by dumbbell weight training. Tired of the generic routine, joints aching from running, I focused on strength, which led to calisthenics (bodyweight) training. Determining that gymnastics for a 6'2" guy is not the best option for strength, I searched for the truth in what it means to live a Christ-centered, healthy lifestyle.  Turning to CrossFit, I began to reap the benefits of the seemingly random training methodology.  Although I made progress in my health and fitness, I was still missing the scientifically backed nutritional information I needed to progress.  Then I found Primal Blueprint. 

Eating primal was the key component I had been missing to achieving the fitness I had been so long striving to achieve.  Along with improved fitness, I noticed improvements in mental clarity and overall health.  Now with 3 years of coaching under my belt, my goal is to point people to God by showing them what their bodies are really capable of.

Degrees & Certifications:

  • Bachelors in Exercise Science - Texas State University
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainier
  • Primal Health Coach
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